We could all do more to help safeguard the future of our planet and in creating Loom Irish Linen we were determined to be conscious of our effect on the environment at every stage of our production process. Here is a summary of some of our main commitments to sustainability, because there's no planet B.

Our pyjamas are made from 100% Irish Linen, one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics on the planet. Flax crops, unlike cotton, do not require any irrigation and are able grow with rainfall alone. They can also grow in low quality soil which is not suitable for food production. Linen is also extremely strong and can last for decades.

Our pyjamas are made and designed in Ireland which means that our carbon footprint is very small.

We use corozo buttons which are made up of tightly wound organic fibres that not only give excellent durability but also, unlike plastic buttons, they are biodegradable helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste in oceans and landfills.

Our plastic-free policy extends to every element of the making and shipping of our pyjamas. All of Loom Irish Linen’s garment labels and packaging are made from recycled or recyclable materials.

We do not mass produce and our pyjamas are sold direct to consumer. By not selling through other platforms it means that we aren’t committed to seasonal collections, large orders or wholesale mark-ups. This means that we don’t have to keep up with the change in seasons and we can create products on demand for our customers; keeping our prices as low as possible and with the highest quality materials. This creates much less waste and no need for sales.

Our timeless designs mean that you can wear our pyjamas all year round and that they have an extended lifecycle. With the right care, a pair of Loom Irish Linen pyjamas could last you forever.