Our Story

“We are a sleepwear brand with a conscience, making luxury pyjamas from Irish linen – the ultimate pairing of both comfort and sustainability.”
Melissa, Founder of Loom Irish Linen

The two founding principles behind Loom Irish Linen are the growing importance of sleep and sustainability in the ever-changing world that we live in. By creating luxury sleepwear from Irish linen, we believe that we have found the perfect combination of both.

Not only does linen get better with age and softer with every wear, it is also one of the most eco-friendly fabrics on the planet. Flax crops, unlike cotton, do not require any irrigation and are able to grow with rainfall alone. They can also grow in low quality soil which is not suitable for food production.

Another benefit of the ancient fabric is its temperature regulating properties, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter; bringing you comfort all year round. Linen is also extremely strong and can last for decades, so with the right care a pair of Loom Irish Linen pyjamas could last you forever.

The many benefits of sleep are being highlighted now more than ever as it competes with other sources of entertainment such as smartphones or addictive television series. Multiple scientists have cited the direct effect that a good night’s sleep can have on both our physical and mental health.

We believe that investing in sleep is crucial to our future wellbeing and clothing yourself in linen’s natural fibres can play a part in that while being conscious of our impact on the planet as well.

About Our Founder

Originally from West Sussex in the UK but now based in rural Tipperary, Melissa has a background in horse racing and marketing with little prior experience in fashion. Loom Irish Linen is an idea that was created from her love of pyjamas, a good night’s sleep and the lack of an affordable, environmentally conscious brand currently on the market. On discovering the many benefits of Irish linen she was confident that it would be an ideal fabric to sleep in.

With a little extra time on her hands during the ‘lockdown’ period of 2020, Melissa was able to put her longstanding idea for a sustainable sleepwear brand into action and so Loom Irish Linen was born.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

We are doing our best to tread lightly on this Earth and our commitment to sustainability does not begin and end with the use of linen, we have strived to keep every element of our production plastic-free. Everything from our buttons, which are made from biodegradable corozo or shells, to our recycled polyester labels have been selected with a conscience for the environment. Our packaging is also made from entirely recycled or recyclable materials.
We are very proud to be an Irish brand and with our linen milled in Co. Antrim, the pyjamas designed in Co. Tipperary and manufactured in Co. Dublin, we have been able to keep our carbon footprint small.

Designed with a timeless feel in mind, our pyjamas are all finished with statement coloured piping, creating a classic look which should stand the test of time.

Softest Pyjamas Ever!

"These are honestly the softest pyjamas I have ever slept in. I'll be buying some for my sister too."

Sarah, Galway

Perfect Packaging

"This is my second pair of your fabulous pyjamas. I love them and your packaging is perfect too.

Tanya, Kildare


I purchased a pair for my wife and earned some serious brownie points - a very high quality product. Well done!

Robert, Dublin